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Lotus Happiness is a blog on Buddhism, Spirituality and Self-Actualization to realize the vision of world peace and individual happiness through the teaching of the Lotus Sutra.


The heart of the Buddha’s teaching lies in the Lotus Sutra. By anchoring oneself in the Lotus Sutra, the learning of all other sutras become more meaningful.

Rather than learning Buddhism from the perspective of many Buddhist masters in the past, in the blog, you will learn to understand the Buddha’s teachings directly from the Buddha’s words in the Lotus Sutra. The many excerpts of the Buddha’s words derive from the notation system in the Lotus Sutra as translated by Minerva T.Y. Lee.

The learning of Buddhism is a rigorous yet rewarding journey. Join us in this learning toward the path of Supreme Perfect Enlightenment.

Goal #1: Read the sutras yourself, not just the interpretation of sutras by Buddhist masters.


The practice of silent meditation is the key to attaining elevated spirituality. By cultivating an awareness of your inner Buddha-nature, you will then be able to awaken the True Teacher within you.

In life, you come across innumerable people. All these people are your teachers. Yet, the greatest teacher is not any ordained masters or mentors, but the teacher within you. By practicing mindfulness meditation as well as Meditation on Bodhisattva Universal Worthy, you will be able to awaken your Buddha-nature within to perceive what you need to know in your life.

Goal #2: Practice both silent meditation and vocal chanting of mantras concurrently


Each of us has our unique strengths and limitations. We are in the journey of life-long learning and personal growth to be the best we are.

However, in order to achieve self-actualization, one needs to maximise one’s strengths in order to unleash the greatest potentials within us. Happiness is none other than living a life true to one’s authentic self.

Goal #3: Awaken your True Self and unleash your greatest potential by tapping upon your strengths and talents to create the greatest values.

Join our wisdom community to learn the sutras, practice meditation, and awaken your True Self towards Supreme Perfect Enlightenment.

May you be happy, peaceful and free.

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