#1- Buddhism on Sunday

Essence of Buddhism in the Lotus Sutra 

The Truths of the Triple Gem 

Ten Epithets of the Buddha

Five Lessons Learnt from Bodhisattva Never Disrespectful 

Ten Worlds: Ten Spiritual Realms in Buddhist Cosmology 

Seven Parables of the Lotus Sutra 

Four Virtues of the Buddha 

Six Paramitas: Six Perfections of A Bodhisattva 

The Essence of Chapter 2: The Expedient Methods 

#2 – Stories of Buddha and His Disciples 

To Care and Love for Children 

Sitting on the Road to Save His Clan 

Taming a Mad Elephant 

Maudgalyayana Rescuing His Mother 

Matanga’s Conversion 







#1 – Short Stories

The Story of Bata Shoes 

A Turn of the Screw 

Mountain Top 

The Mayonnaise Jar



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